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In a tumultuous and rapidly declining world where we can no longer trust governments, big tech, multinational companies and the supply chains, we the people need to step up and take back control of our future. As a whole, the citizens of the world have slowly been nudged towards cushy and convenience based lifestyles with a heavy reliance on shops and the government.

Looking back about 200 years, most people grew much of what they ate themselves and bartered for what they couldn't get. They had a wide variety of homesteading skills which could range from gardening to canning and woodworking to sewing which provided the households with what they needed.

The one who is entirely dependant on a system is a slave of it.

For those who are concerned about the ever increasing power of government, big tech and the politicians, this is the kind of lifestyle which we should be looking at returning to. A life without reliance on outside sources for the fundamental basics of life such as food, water and shelter. A life where we can defend ourselves against the threats to our existance and one which can teach our children the riches in being self-sufficient.

I've devoted this section of my website to help anyone who wants to, become more prepared and self-sufficient and less dependant on the controlling powers of our day.

The Preparedness Encyclopedia

"The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and portable collection of crucial information designed exclusively to assist in your survival from any catastrophe that may arise, and to help in the rebuilding of society afterwards."

Head to The Preparedness Encyclopedia page to download the guide.


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